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This is How You Do It...

Journaling by:

W. McKenzie


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Things have changed drastically!


May 8, 2015

This morning there was a large fire ball in the sky and the horizon lit up...if only for a second.  Then it felt like the earth was moving in opposite directions.  All the dishes fell out of the cupboard crashing across the floor.  What is happening!?

This journal is all I have now.  The street is blasted to pieces.  Houses have been leveled.  I have no idea where my parents are or even the neighbors next door.  Their house is gone...not even debris left...gone.  Who is going to help me?  Where am I going to go?

May 12th

Materials needed:

1 rounded plastic bowl (the lighter the better)

orange craft fur (extra long if you can find it...if not spray paint white craft fur orange)

2 - 4 inch Styrofoam balls (eyes)

2 black buttons (minimum 1 inch in diameter...eyes)

1 Styrofoam egg (nose)

1 sheet of orange felt (nose)

1/2 yard of black/ red mesh fabric (mouth)

1 yard of cotton fabric for the fake dress shirt

matching fabric for tie...a normal tie is too small

construction paper...light color

1 yard of skin tone felt for head

2 sheets of thin foam (help to construct the head)

Stiffen fabric spray

exacto knife

hot glue gun

1 white lab coat

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